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Fortuity Cellars

Gift Card - $25, $30, $50, $100 (online code)

Gift Card - $25, $30, $50, $100 (online code)

Cards range from $25-$100. One gift card can be used per transaction. To combine gift cards, please contact the winery for assistance, (509)779-6000.

You have two options as to where the gift card code is sent:

Option 1:

a) Purchase & have the gift card code sent to yourself, and you will use this gift card code yourself.

b) Purchase & have the gift card code sent to yourself, with the intention of sending it to a recipient.   For example, the you may want to write the code in a card and hand deliver it, etc. To do this, you will choose to not fill in an alternate shipping address, and keep everything (all confirmation emails) coming to your own billing address.

Option 2

a) You can purchase & have the gift card code sent to someone else (friend, relative, co-worker).

  • You will choose to enter the alternate shipping address (of the recipient) and the gift code will be sent directly to their recipient's email. NOTE: This will go immediately...you cannot delay the email confirmation if you send it directly to the recipient.
  • You will also have the option of entering a gift message which will go directly to the recipient's email address as well.
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