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Where to Eat, Sip & Stay in Yakima
For first timers, we would recommend you stay downtown Yakima where dinner is within walking distance. For the more experienced/adventurous, stay out in wine country. You'll be closer to all the action and it's beautiful and serene out here. For wine tasting, we recommend you get out of the city. To get to Yakima Valley wine country, take a short 10 minute drive (wine shuttles are available as well) where you can see the vineyards, see the wineries, get a winery or vineyard tour. Get out there, explore, and get to know the owners and winemaking teams at these family owned and operated wineries. That's a big part of what makes the Yakima Valley wine experience so special. Here are some of our nearby favorites.
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More than 90 wineries in the Yakima Valley Use the Map My WA Wine App to discover them all.

Please do not hesitate to email us if you need more suggestions for where to eat, sip, and stay while in Yakima!